NIGHT STREAM Indiegogo Campaign

NIGHT STREAM Indiegogo Campaign

By Mother Brain

Announcing the Indiegogo campaign for the short film drama NIGHT STREAM from writer/director Andre´ Joseph (Priceless, Dishonorable Vendetta). NIGHT STREAM is a dramatic short film about the dark side of online talk radio in the style of such cult classics as Oliver Stone’s TALK RADIO, Alan Rudolph’s CHOOSE ME, and Alan Moyle’s PUMP UP THE VOLUME. The story follows a self-help radio host with a strong internet following who gets curious about a caller expressing fear for her life. When the host crosses the boundaries outside of his radio show to meet the caller in person, he is forced not only to help this caller escape her abusive relationship but must also confront his own insecurities by not hiding behind the fictional persona that he created.

Please check out the link for more info and help Andre´ and AJ Epyx Productions reach our goal of $2K by the end of February 2013 with nice rewards offered for your level of contributions!

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