“The Walking Dead” Season 3 Mid-Season Review


The Walking Dead: Season 3 Mid-season review

By: Zombie Hunter



As I compare notes between the comic books and the series on AMC, I know for a fact that they are way different. Of course, the writers need to keep things suspenseful for those who read the comics.
I’m not surprised at the changes and all the new characters and the way they being picked off from the show, some were destined to die and some are waiting for the inevitable. It’s funny how people get upset when a character dies but if you read the comics you know who it will be, but by the way they are writing it you don’t know when or how.

Walking Dead

We begin with the new location in the prison which is an awesome scenery especially under the circumstances (zombie apocalypse) and well thought safe haven but it seems to cause more trouble than good. In the comic there were more characters invading the prison, Dale and Sophia were still alive at this point, so was Lori, Andrea and Dale were an item and Hershel still had two feet, and Tyrese and his daughter were already part of the group.

A lot went down in the prison even before The Governor ever showed his face, Rick and Glenn were the ones that found the helicopter and it was Michonne and Rick Grimes that were captured or escorted to the Governor not Andrea and Michonne. The Governor is portrayed very well in the show but in the comics he was more ruthless and less attractive, This Governor for AMC has evil behind his eyes, the comic showed the Governor with evil already in his face. The Governor does have a back story on how he became what you see now but I won’t get into that. At this point the Governor was not very welcoming cutting Ricks right hand off and not playing nice with Michonne. All these are different in the show to keep the suspense.


The 8 episodes for the mid-season are keeping me on the edge because I don’t know what the writers are going to do next with the story, but as a warning, Daryl, one of the best characters next to Rick and Glen, is not in the comic, they may keep him around to throw us off or his day may come when he won’t be around. Any more information may throw you off, because the Prison and the Governor show up around the beginning of the comic books which would be #13 and the Governor #43, and they are still writing comic books well over #100. It’s going to get more intense boys and girls so seat back and enjoy.

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