Goodbye 2012


Goodbye 2012

This year, 2012 started out a little rough, I was unemployed at the beginning working at a local super market just to get some money so Melissa and I could at least have a nice weekend together.

I did turn 30 last year (which means I’ll be *GASP* 31 in a few weeks!) which is great. I have to say it does feel different, maybe there is less of a stress of being in the 20’s or something. I just feels different and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

I did get a job and I’ve been happy with it since. No real complaints (other than traffic, which has now (knock on wood) ceased). I am enjoying where I am and I have met a lot of great people and hope that this experience continues for some time as I continue to learn more and grow.


I became an Uncle this year, I am very proud to say that. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to be an Uncle, its still very surreal that one day this little baby will be calling me Uncle and I for one look forward to it.

So all in all, this year wasn’t bad at all. A little rough on the take off but I’d much rather have dealt with that than any of 2011 really (except for that awesome trip to Europe with Melissa…I’d love to do that one again! Europe was great!). So, bittersweet ending to this year, at least there wasn’t a Mayan Apocalypse. As I thought there would NOT be!

I’m hoping for more good things in the new year!

Hope everyone stays safe tonight and see you next year!


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