Affleck to be NEW Batman?


Affleck to be NEW Batman?

Source: Dark Horizons

Woke up this morning to Melissa (who was on her iPhone) asking me why Ben Affleck was going to be Batman. To which I stated, I had not heard of this yet, let me check Dark Horizons. Sure enough that was the first thing I saw when I got to Dark Horizons and I let out a loud groan of displeasure.

I’m not saying Ben Affleck is going to do a bad job, I’m saying he would have never even have been a top choice for the character at all. Isn’t this almost like double dipping anyway? He had his chance at being a super hero is the god-awful Daredevil movie!

Word on the street is that Ben Affleck has been tapped to play Batman in the upcoming sequel to this summers hit “Man of Steel”. And if Warner Bros. has it their way, the next sequel MUST have Batman in it so that they can open up the world of DC comics and have the Justice League competing with Marvel’s Avengers.


I don’t even want Batman and Superman together in the same movie. I’ve been against this FOREVER! Truth be told, so have a lot of people, Mother Brain recently wrote an article for the blog entitled: Justice League UNNEEDED, which if you haven’t read, I would recommend it, its a good read and shows you the history of the project thus far.

I really feel as if Superman deserved to at least have one additional film where he could be the driving force behind the name, instead of this forced reboot to the Batman character. It is essentially Warner Bros. way of bringing Batman back and having nothing to do with Christopher Nolan’s epic Dark Knight series (which is going to piss off a lot of fanboys, I’m not going to lie, its pissing me off as we speak). I’m against the decision to recast Batman, I think it is too soon, I also not a fan of “Superman vs Batman” or “Batman vs Superman” or “World’s Finest” or whatever they are ultimately going to do.

Seeing that I have no choice but to see this movie made, I just hope they don’t mess it up.


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