The CIVIL WRATH Diaries: Part 3

The real Florida weather had finally arrived and it was perfect. 73 degrees with low humidity. John’s neighbor, Ralph, and I were the first to arrive at the trail location where Civil Wrath was finally going into production. John arrived 20 minutes later along with Joseph, Karl, and Marc. While our production was not as high end as what I was used to in New York, we had a wide variety of tools necessary to make the location into a full blown Hollywood movie set.

The CIVIL WRATH Diaries: Part 2

The day began dreary and wet. Not the best time to scout the trail location 24 hours before production. John met up with me at the hotel and we went to the Cinnamon Swirl Restaurant next door for breakfast. His excitement level had not changed since yesterday. He was determined to not let anything stop production…except the alternator of his 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee failing on him…

Dog and Human brains could be similar?

Just saw this posted on Facebook and I thought I’d share it. I remember a few years ago reading that an adult dog’s brain can be as complex in thought as a 2-3 year old child’s mind. Some people probably wouldn’t understand that, I blame it on shortsightedness of how animals are and how much thought they actually have.