Punk is Gone

It was inevitable. Just as it was three years ago. CM Punk had one foot out the door. His contract was up in July and he was creatively frustrated and mentally and physically burnt out. The only difference then was he was handed a microphone and changed the WWE depth chart with a truth laced diatribe. However, change was temporary and three years later he found himself right back where he was before the pipebomb and his astounding 434 day WWE title reign. On Monday, he decided it was time to go home.

The Mother Brain Pipebomb

I have been an addict of professional wrestling since the summer of 1994. It was the season of the baseball strike and the season when the New York Knicks were blown away by the Houston Rockets in the NBA Finals. The landscape of wrestling had changed as well when icons like Hulk Hogan jumped ship to WCW while Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart was leading the charge in what we now know today as WWE. For the PG audience reading this piece, Bret Hart was my John Cena: Street fighter, defied the odds, won multiple titles, and all around good guy. Yet, as popular as Bret was, wrestling then was not the cool fad to be into. Kids in my school were high on the NBA or the innovative sounds of Tupac and Biggie. WWE tried many times to find a better wrestler than Bret to be the face of the company between 1993 to 1996. They even had him and Lex Luger win the Royal Rumble together in 1994 and the crowd reaction dictated that Bret was the bigger star despite all the company hype around Lex. But no matter who they selected to push him aside, the fans remained loyal to Bret until change was called for.