Does The Dog Die?

Now, don’t get discouraged by the title to this post, this is about a website devoted to letting people know if a Dog (or an animal in general) dies in a movie.

Does The Dog Die


Honestly, I’ve heard this question so many times. I can even remember back to Independents Day when the cities are being destroyed and everyone is running away and the lab makes a run for it and manages to get himself to safety before the flames kill him. Specifically I remember some kid in front of us at the movie theater saying that they didn’t care about anyone else but the dog…(and yes, I just shook my head after writing that). The website even has an extremely simplistic rating system:

Does The Dog Die Rating System

They haven’t covered too much, but I can only assume it is the beginning and this is yet another website I wish I had created myself… Check it out:

Does The Dog Die - Dog

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