The Mother Brain Files: The $9.99 Commitment

I’m home relaxing after a rough past week and with nothing much else to do, I watch Monday Night Raw. It was the 8/4/14 show. The show begins like it has almost every week with the heel Authority coming to ringside to run down all the babyfaces in WWE. There was one major difference, however. Triple H is selling nearly every money match for the upcoming Summerslam event and how you can watch it on the WWE Network for $9.99 a month (with a six month commitment). He keeps repeating 9.99 until the fans start chanting it over and over. Just when I thought that was the only time WWE would go overkill hyping their new network, they would repeatedly do this 41 times in the evening between commentator plugs, Twitter feeds, commercials, and even JBL holding up a handwritten 9.99 on a piece of paper. This was supposed to be a filler Raw before the go home show. Instead, it was treated as ‘Plugamania.’