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Source: Huffington Post and Killer Asteroids

Yesterday, Huffington Post had an article about a new website that allows you to see your home town Digitally Destroyed by an Asteroid strike. Kind of a dark and ominous sounding website huh? Well, I checked it out…of course I did…

The website links to an “Impact Calculator” and I typed in a bunch of different zip codes and actual addresses to see what happens when an asteroid strikes. Don’t worry, it doesn’t actually show an asteroid striking, it actually shows the distance the destruction would occur if one did strike, specifically showing how much destruction would happen at different intervals.It also allows you to pick from an Asteroid or Comet, the size of the object (small, medium or large) and the location, which can be one of the already picked locations or you can type one in.

Impact Calculator

Just to be clear, my home state is New Jersey, so that is where I had the impact of the Asteroid happen. Anyway, the website uses Google Earth to help it out and I zoomed in to see what all the circles meant for the impact, the closer you get the more destruction occurs.

At the center of the impact it looks as if not only is there the Impact Crater (meaning massive hole in the Earth) but around the Crater there will be a 7.0 Earthquake, which is a tremendous Earth rattler. While not as large of an earthquake as the 9.0 that occurred in 2011 in Japan, this one will surely make a lot of things crumble to the ground.

Impact Crater

Zooming out a little more and we see that past the 7.0 Earthquake we have Steel Buildings Knocked Over, which is amazing, this impact has so much thrust that it has leveled massive structures all around it. But what really concerns me is that the next area is called Clothing Ignites. This is absolutely crazy, if the 7.0 Earthquake and the Steel Buildings getting knocked over didn’t terrify me, you mean to tell me that everything within those circles is also on fire? And if I’m in the Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts area of this blast I’m still going to get burned?

Now I’m starting to feel like I shouldn’t have even looked at this thing…

Clothing Ignites

I zoomed out all the way and we see that my assessment above was right and that everything within the amazing radius of this blast is burning, because as far away as Ottowa and parts of Virginia and West Virginia are dealing with 1st degree Burns. I’ll be honest, if this ever happened to me, I just want to be at the impact, not feeling a thing.1st Degree Burns

Check out the Impact Calculator  and see how your town is digitally destroyed by an Asteroid at: Huffington Post and Killer Asteroids

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