Crispy M&M’s are returning?

Source: BuzzFeed

This is quite exciting, I remember these being the best M&Ms. I even tried the recent Pretzel M&Ms and they don’t have the same taste as the old Crispy ones used to.

New Crispy M&Ms

I will say, I do remember there being a Crispy M&M character, wonder why they didn’t bring him back for this one?

Well, whatever hope they are just as good and a hit it big!

Mars tells BuzzFeed News that it’s resurrecting Crispy M&M’s this January in response to fan requests after discontinuing the line domestically in 2005. Similar to Surge, which Coca-Cola recently reintroduced to great enthusiasm, Crispy M&M’s were popular with today’s twentysomethings when the cohort was growing up, and have been recalled with deep fondness on the internet ever since.

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