Chloe’s 4th birthday

Our baby girl is turning four today!

Here are some pictures to commemorate the day!

Here is a picture of Chloe with her dog mom Liga and the rest of her litter. I don’t really know which one is Chloe but I’d like to think that since she currently likes to awkwardly with her head up on things that she would be the little puppy right in the middle of this picture with its head up on their puppy sibling:

Liga and Chloe

Our first official picture of Chloe:

Baby Chloe

Chloe 12-21-10 2

Chloe 12-21-10

Chloe 12-21-10 3

Chloe 12-21-10 4

Chloe 12-21-10 5

Chloe 12-21-10 6

Chloe 12-21-10 7

Chloe 12-21-10 8

Chloe now!


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