Dog Years do not equal 7 human years

Source: Yahoo!

I’ve read articles about this, how for the most part we’ve all been wrong about the entire 7 human years equals 1 dog year and I was happy to wake up this morning and see this article from Yahoo!


According to the Yahoo! article, both our girls are considered large breeds and if we were to take Cassie’s years (6) she would be about 45 years old. Now, the interesting thing is that Chloe, who just turned 4 this week, would be considered 34 years old. There is no way that Chloe is a 34 year old human…there’s just no way.  She acts way too much like a puppy!

Here is an exert:

Although the origins of the seven-year myth is unknown, people have been trying to find a good way to calculate dog years in human years since the 1200s. One of the earliest examples of this is an inscription at Westminster Abbey that dates back to the year 1268 and calculates that one human year is equivalent to nine dog years, which was part of some strange way to calculate the end of the world in the 1200s.

This article is a good read and you can view a chart on the page that shows you exactly how old your dog really is, go to Yahoo!

Dog Age Chart

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