Xenomorph Tumblr?


Source: Xenomorph Tumblr

If you don’t know by now what a Xenomorph is, it is the giant, two mouthed, alien creature from the Alien franchise of films.

Xenomorph pic
Pose for the picture!

So, the other day, I don’t recall why now, I was Googling images of a Xenomorph and I came across an entire Tumblr blog devoted to images of the Xenomorph and I found these amazing drawings of not only the alien creature but some other extremely famous villains.

Dr. Doom

I just Joker Xenomorph ShedderI just think they are great drawings. Very 80’s/early 90’s. Enjoy!

Also, I found these great gifs on there as well!

xenomorph gif 1

xenomorph gif 2

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