Things you didn’t know about Garfield!


Source: Mental_Floss

Garfield has always been one of my favorite comic strips. I don’t regularly look at comic strips anymore but if and when I do I usually go searching for my tried and true Garfield.

Garfield over the years

Mental_Floss had an article where they disclosed some things that people may not have known about the world’s favorite fat cat; one of which had me reminiscing about my childhood and it was about the Garfield Halloween Special:

8. Jim Davis really enjoyed scaring kids with Garfield’s Halloween Adventure.

“It was such a challenge to try to think of something that could be scary, but fortunately we got to work with animation—we could marry scary sounds with scary music and scary images, and set the stage for a scary experience,” Davis says. “Even down to the use of the actor’s voice. C. Lindsay Workman [who voices the old man that tells Garfield and Odie about the vengeful ghost pirates] was just a great character actor. I think we took our time to build to a scary scene where the ghost pirates invaded the house to look for the buried treasure. We tried to throw as many elements together as possible to create a situation where, at least for a few minutes, it could create a scary situation for the young viewers.”

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