Amazon to Launch their own Emails

Source: Huffington Post

News broke today that Amazon is going to launch their own emails, just like Google and Microsoft, they are going to be aiming at businesses. I think this is the right direction for Amazon to be moving in. Amazon is in its own right a Google like entity, they have a ton of money and putting that money in the proper place to build on is great.

Amazon Smile

I’m feeling like the more we move forward the more I realize that there are only a very few massive companies that are going to be ruling the world (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft…just to name a few that pop into my mind) and I’m fine with that (I pretty much love all those companies I just named. And if you don’t believe me, just look into some of the companies and divisions some of those names have either been purchasing or moving into, you’ll stop laughing once you do.

Check out the article with more information here: Huffington Post

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