Can Dogs Tell if you are Happy or Angry?

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Source: Live Science

I know from experience that my girls can tell when you are happy or angry, but that is normally based on the tone in my voice. After reading this article from Live Science I’m going to have to pay more attention to those two.


The article goes on to say that dogs have figured out how to differentiate between smiles and angry mouths. Crazy to think that these creatures are so in tuned with humans that they can understand the difference.

Check out this snippet from the article from Live Science:

The investigators then tested the pups’ ability to discriminate between human facial expressions by showing them different images from the ones used in training. The dogs were shown either the other half of the face used in the training stage, the other halves of people’s faces not used in training, a face that was the same half as the training face but from a different person, or the left half of the face used in the training stage.

I guess when you are “man’s best friend” you have to continue to adapt and figure things out as you go along, right?

Check out the rest of the article: Live Science

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