Controversial Sports Illustrated Cover?

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Source: Rolling Stone

This past weekend I was walking through the supermarket and I just so happened to be walking down an aisle and I came across the magazine section (yes, some supermarkets still have magazine sections) and I came across the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition magazine and I was reminded that I was going to post this a few weeks ago when I saw this “controversy” come up on line. Not only do you see quotes around controversy but I also put a question mark at the end of the title to this post. 

Check out the cover below:

Once the highlight of any pre-teen to teen boy’s life, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition magazine has not been without controversy in its existence but this one is rather strange since it has been considered obscene. I’ve honestly looked at the cover and super model Hannah Davis looks amazing on the front but I don’t see what the fuss is. It is literally not showing anything and Davis even went on to say
The fact is, you can’t see anything. So all we’re talking about is what you cannot see. That’s why I think it’s funny,” she says, adding that her parents liked the cover.
She goes on to say that the magazine is on newstands and no one is complaining about Maxim or Playboy and they share similar shelves.
What are you thoughts on this?


Check out the rest of the article at: Rolling Stone


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