Who is the current Hardcore Champ?

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Source: Who is the Hardcore Champ?

The first time I heard of this site I was listening to my favorite podcast RBR Weekly Wrestling Talk where they explained the concept behind ‘Who is the Hardcore Champ?‘.

hardcore championship

The site seems to frequently go down, not sure what the problem might be, but if you happen to get the site open (I actually had to try 3 different times on 3 separate days) it is an interesting read. The site opened up this morning, but not right before I started writing this synopsis, but I just refreshed the page and it work, so be patient with it.

whoisthehardcorechampThe article states that:

ON AUGUST 26th, 2002, Rob Van Dam defeated Tommy Dreamer in a Hardcore match on Monday Night Raw, resulting in the merger of the Hardcore Championship and the Intercontinental Championship.

However, as the Hardcore Championship is defended 24/7, it can change hands outside of any other championship match.

So, any time the Hardcore Champion lost in any match other than a battle royal it was considered a win and a new champion would be crowned. This followed through a few other championship reigns as well. Looks as if early Triple H era World Heavyweight Championship (WHC) reign along with Edge era WHC reigns are followed pretty closely.

Record of Hardcore Champ

With that being said, there is a link to an entire Google Doc spreadsheet of wins and who the champions would have been if the Hardcore Championship was never retired back in August of 2002. It’s a great list that is interesting and proves some people just have way too much time on their hands, but our current reigning and defending champion is none other than our WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar

Check out the site and see if you can find any flaws in their list: Who is the Hardcore Champ?


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