Disney’s Hollywood Studio to get a new name?

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Source: Yahoo!

Yesterday, word came out that Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park would be getting a new name. This would mark the third name change for the theme park since opening back in 1989. I remember going when the park, then name Disney-MGM Studio first opened back in 1989, a lot of attractions had yet to be opened then, in fact, some of them were barely complete. A fact I didn’t realize until returning to the park in 1995 (the last time I went to any Disney theme park–that was 20 years ago…not bitter).

Hollywood Studios

During the Stakeholder’s conference, Walt Disney Co. Chair and CEO Bob Iger was asked by a guest if Hollywood Studios would be getting a name change and he answered quickly with a yes but did not proceed forward with any information.

We will keep you up to date when we hear about any other development on this.

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