Artodyssey: Tokuhiro Kawai

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Source: Artodyssey

A few weeks ago I post some rabbit paintings by José Luis López Galván that ultimately lead me to a website called Artodyssey. Little did I realize how many artist were on this webpage as I didn’t venture far from Galván’s page. But seeing that I do frequent a lot of rabbit Facebook pages (mostly to see bunnies doing bunny things) and a lot of those pages post paintings of bunnies, I get to see a lot of different artist doing some great paintings with one of my favorite animals.

This time is no different as Tokuhiro Kawai has some great paintings with some bunnies and even some cats, which can be found on Artodyssey.

Here was the first one to bring Kawai to my attention:

Tokuhiro Kawai (14)Here are some other images from Kawai that spoke to me all of which can be found at Artodyssey:

Tokuhiro Kawai (1) Tokuhiro Kawai butterflies Tokuhiro Kawai (41)To view the rest of Kawai’s paintings please go to: Artodyssey

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