Scientists might be able to remove negative memories?

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Source: Huffington Post

I think this procedure might be worse news than the changing brown eyes to blue that I posted the other day. The article explains that they experimented on mice and my first instinct was to question how they would know they were able to alter a memory in a mouse and the article explained that:

When the mice woke up, they ran straight to that area of the cage, expecting a reward.

They removed a memory of the area in question and had the mouse think of being rewarded and that was why it went there.

This is great! But my fear is that once people know that they can remove memories, what’s stopping them from removing all sorts of memories? What’s stopping them from figuring out a less invasive procedure.

Until this memory removing procedure becomes a true reality, we don’t have to really worry, but food for thought.

To read the full article, please go to: Huffington Post

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