WrestleMania Reaction

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This will be quick:
OK, so after ranting about not being interested I have to admit to being pulled into the show, though 4 hours is a long time to watch anything, by hour 3 I was starting to contemplate going to bed and finishing the show at a  later time. But I trudged on.
I didn’t see the Tag Team match or the Andre the Giant Battle Royal (I did see the quick replay of everything), not surprised at the Tag Team match but why would they give Big Show the win? Honestly, what does it really matter, it’s not like battle royal really amounts to anything.
The Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship delivered. I am not surprised by the fact that they started with Daniel Bryan as the first superstar to enter Mania. They obviously want him as far away from Roman Reigns as possible. Anyway, this was quite an exciting match and I for one enjoyed it. I think it kick started the entire event in a great way.
Orton vs Rollins was good too. Sick RKO spot.
Sting vs Triple was ok. Probably most enjoyable for the DX vs nWo part of it. But I wish this was about 15 years ago when these guys could still move. Also, I was surprised about the ending to the match.
Rusev vs Cena was actually a pretty good match. I loved Rusev’s entrance as it reminded me of Rocky IV and all of the pomp and circumstance with canons, Lana accompanying soldiers carrying the Russian flag, Russev riding a tank. It was my favorite entrance this year. I didn’t mind Cena winning as long as having the US and IC championship on Main Eventers actually makes sense and they do something with it, LIKE MERGE THEM!
The Divas match was meh.
The Triple H/Stephanie/Rock/Ronda Rousey segment went way too long but it was really cool to see. I’d love to see Triple H vs Rock and Ronda Rousey vs Stephanie next year. Also, I’ve never seen Ronda without a mouth guard and her hair up and she’s pretty hot.
Bray Wyatt vs The Undertaker was ok. I understand the reason why they wanted him to come back for this match, but I really felt as if I was watching a Legend wrestle at an Independent Show. He seemed slow and was only going through the motions of his signature moves. The match dragged and bored me and I feel that Wyatt is worse for the match then he was before. I’m a fan of Undertakers, but next year you don’t have to have one for the sake of having one.
The main event dragged as Lesnar dominated Reigns and there were only two things that stood out of this match in my mind. Lesnar going suplex crazy and saying “Suplex City, Bitch” and Rollins winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
Overall, WrestleMania exceeded my expectations!

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