Giant Rabbits as pets?

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Source: Huffington Post

Everyone knows I love my rabbit Peanut, he is a lot of rabbit to love,  IMG_8426.JPGbut these are really some big rabbits to love!

These big guys seen below are called Continental Giants. I came across them back in 2006 and even posted a picture of them.

Not surprised that they have come back into mainstream attention, but I would love to have one of these. I’m just saying. It looks like a great combination between rabbit and dog! The article says that the rabbits weigh 3.5 stone, which when converted into pounds is 49 pounds! That is a massive bunny!

continental rabbit

Check out the full article on these beautiful creatures at: Huffington Post


Here is the article I posted back in 2006, the image is gone from the original post, but I found it on Google, and it looks as if I posted this on April 11, 2006, just a few days away!

Click on the pic:



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