NASA finds Earth-like planet

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Source: The New York Times

This is potentially huge news. NASA has found what could potentially be a habitable Earth-like planet.

It is a planet a little more than one and a half times as big in radius as Earth. Known as Kepler 452b, it circles a sunlike star in an orbit that takes 385 days, just slightly longer than our own year, putting it firmly in the “Goldilocks” habitable zone where the temperatures are lukewarm and suitable for liquid water on the surface — if it has a surface.

While the image provided is only an artists rendering (wonder how many people think this is an actual image of the planet…I mean they recently only released clear images of Pluto and that dwarf planet is in our own very solar system!) it is interesting to note that Kepler-452b is larger and older than our planet.


I for one hope they continue to heavily research this and give us more information as soon as it becomes available.

Check out the rest of the article from The New York Times!

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