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I’m going to continue talking about Podcasts, as they are my go-to method of entertainment to and from work. If you’ve noticed while you’ve been on my blog that I have a huge fondness for Batman. He is my go to superhero and has been since I was little, (thank you reruns of the 1960’s Adam West Batman series right before the 1989 Tim Burton classic). Batman for me was always THE superhero. Despite the fact that Superman was the “Super” hero, the flying god that was somehow always having difficulty thwarting the villains, the greatest of all heroes, my favorite was and will always be Batman. From my perspective Batman was the lone human in a sea of super powered heroes. So, for that, I related and respected him. I wasn’t much of a Marvel fan outside of The X-Men and my personal favorite The Incredible Hulk, so I didn’t like or relate to Spider-Man or Iron Man or any of those guys, Batman was the way to go.

fatman on batman

Fast forward to my love for Podcasts and I came across New Jersey’s own Kevin Smith’s podcast channel SModcast which has a ton of Podcasts including one on his favorite comic book super hero entitled Fatman on Batman. Kevin Smith, director of such cult classics as ‘Clerks’, ‘Mallrats’, ‘Chasing Amy’, ‘Dogma’, ‘Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back’ and ‘Clerks II’. A lot of Smith’s Fatman podcasts have a guest that has had something to do with Batman from either writer or artists on the comic, or reviews on movies and such.

Check out the intro, terribly sung by Smith to our amusement, I’ve listened to this so many times because of how comedically awesome it is. Here it has been nicely animated in this video right below:

A few months ago I came across a commentary track by Smith and Marc Bernardin going through Tim Burtons ‘Batman’. Smith went into detail on how much he loved this movie when it came out. This was HIS Batman but proceeded to rip this thing to shreds (truth be told, after hearing Smith and Bernardin speaking about any of the original 80’s-90’s movies you won’t think back fondly on them). They went on to review ‘Batman Returns’ and ‘Batman Forever’ and then there was a long gap I just last week I checked a they had uploaded a commentary track for ‘Batman and Robin’. I honestly laughed so hard throughout each one of these I’ve considered redownloading them just for another listen. The tracks for ‘Returns’ and ‘Forever’ are amazing. Probably some of the funniest podcasts I’ve ever heard.

If you decide to listen let me know what you think!

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