Cassie’s 7th Birthday!

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Today, we mark Cassie Mae’s 7th birthday! While our adventure with her started on about September 17/18 of 2008, she was born on August 1, 2008.

I was at our local A&P walking out after buying some groceries and I stopped at the bulletin board outside when I saw this sign:

Cassie as puppyMelissa had always said if we ever see a flyer for Golden Retriever puppies we would get one and I snapped this pic and kept going and showed the flyer to her as soon as I got home.

We have studied that flyer numerous times and to this day we still don’t know which one she is. We’ve toyed around with the idea of which puppy she could have been, based on her color as a puppy we narrowed the options down to the two I’ve pointed out below:

cassie litter 2008But as the story goes from her dog parent’s owner Cassie was the runt of the litter and her dog mom brought Cassie over to him and his wife and they realized that they were going to have to nurse her to health.

A few months later she came home to us and we have loved her ever since:

September 2008:

cassie 2cassie 3 cassie

And 7 years later she’s our extremely excited, tennis ball loving, sock hoarding, treat seeking, impulsive bundle of fur! Not a moment goes by that she hasn’t brought us joy, even if she is eating things left out on the counter or napkins or tearing up socks or something.


August 2015:

Cassie all grown upCassie gif





cassie 7-29-2015

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