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Source: Yahoo!

While the new iPhone 6s may have some stunning new features, the iOS9 (iPhone’s/iPad/s Operating System-hence the OS part) seems rather tame.

ios9Looks as if Apple is saving all there newer features for the new phone.

Yahoo highlighted a few of the updates and I’m not that crazy about any of them, yet:

  • iOS 9 is all about search. The most-changed area in this regard is the main search bar. Being able to type the name of a TV show in your iPhone’s search bar and see whether or not that show is on Netflix before you’re even done typing is extremely convenient. And the improvement to search has also vastly improved navigating the “Settings” menu, which used to be downright painful.

This makes me looks forward to being able to get the iPhone 6S in November when my contract is up…unless I start going with the Apple Contract thing…

Check this out for yourself: Yahoo!

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