Facebook creating Dislike button

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Word came out yesterday that Facebook is working on a Dislike button to go along with their, now famous Like button. I’m not a fan of this decision, as I understand the buttons intention is to Dislike “would be for sad posts — deaths, crises, and other negative everyday life situations faced by its users.” But I feel as if it would be taken advantage of.

Let’s be honest for a second, people are a-holes. While I may not like everyone’s unfiltered inner monologue of posts about everything that they can think of, from: food, places, politics, religion, how there day is going, etc…I know they probably don’t appreciate my constant pictures of babies and animals and whatever I like. But that’s fine because we are all allowed to do whatever we want to on Social Media, and if people don’t like it they don’t have to say anything….

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…until now. And I feel like while people may have keep their opinions to themselves about posts, now they don’t have to hold back. While the intentions of the dislike button is to not like sad posts I feel like the button will start being used negatively. And while I may not care who likes and dislikes individual posts (I have some thick skin when it comes to Social Media) there are those out there that just can’t afford to.

I’m just saying that perhaps the button will be used properly at first, but after a while I can see it being a problem.

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