Seeing Chloe everywhere

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Chloe, our almost 5 year old golden retriever, is our special little girl. When you come home she is so excited she whines and runs around cheering your glorious return! She also tends to run around with a toy in her mouth.

Chloe loves toys in her mouth so much that when my mother-in-law was over last month, she brought some small weights with her to exercise with. Needless to say, if Chloe can lift it she will think its a toy and sure enough, Chloe had the toy in her mouth:

Chloe and weightAnyway, with that being said, I’ve noticed two occasions where something reminded me of Chloe:

Google Hangouts had a drawing of a dog holding a slipper in her mouth:

google hangouts

I noticed this box at work with this dog holding a pencil in her mouth:


Chloe, what a good girl:


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