Back to the Future: Pepsi Perfect commercial

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Source: USA Today

Funny how USA today was one of the news outlets to release this information as that was the newspaper used in ‘Back to the Future 2’, specifically in the future section.

Pepsi PerfectI noted that Pepsi may be coming out with a Pepsi Perfect bottle to commemorate ‘Back to the Future Day’ on October 21, 2015 (if you don’t know that was the day that Marty and Doc went into the future in ‘Back to the Future 2’) and now it has been made official.

USA Today had these details:

The bottle is a limited edition collectible — Pepsi is planning on only making a run of 6,500 bottles — and will be sold only while supplies last. Those looking to purchase the bottle can do so for $20.15, not quite as pricey as the $50 that Christopher Lloyd’s Doc Brown gave Marty in the film. The bottle will be sold online, though Pepsi recommends fans check out the company’s social media pages closer to the Oct. 21 launch date to know exactly where they can purchase it.

I completely want one of these and I hope to be one of the lucky few to get a bottle. I don’t care that its twenty bucks for one. I’ve been a huge fan since I was little. It is my destiny!

Check out the following commercial that Pepsi has put out:

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