‘Avengers: Infinity War’ could cost One Billion Dollars!

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Source: Dark Horizons

Huge news out of Marvel today as ‘Ant-Man’ will be getting a sequel and 2020 will see three Marvel films (instead of the usual 2) as they progress into Phase 4 after their massive ‘Avengers: Infinity War part 1 and 2’ are complete.


Speaking about ‘Infinity War’, it looks as if the massive double header will cost a reported One Billion Dollars to make.

Dark Horizons is reporting that:

The report claims around $400 million of that is for screenwriters, directors, producers and principal cast members, with Robert Downey Jr. to get essentially “half of the actor budget”.

Just an astounding amount of money that is being thrown around and I have no doubt that they will make back every penny that is being spent.

What are your thoughts?

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