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It was the holiday season of 1988 and I was 5 years old when my parents took me to our next door neighbor’s Christmas party. All adults and no kids. The big attraction of the night was the fact that our neighbor had just purchased the first Die Hard movie on VHS. I still have vague memories about it. I just remember the adults being glued to the television screen and for myself to be gripped by the action. The bad part was my parents decided to take me home midway through the movie.

I saw the first two Die Hard movies in their entirety when they played on HBO. It wasn’t until Die Hard With a Vengeance that I got the big screen experience and there was no disappointment there. I became a fan afterwards and then became an even bigger fan when the Die Hard Trilogy game hit the original Playstation. Didn’t know what to expect with the PG-13 rated Live Free or Die Hard, but I was entertained nonetheless. The least said about A Good Day to Die Hard, the better. You can see my scathing review below:

Now comes the news that Fox wants a new Die Hard movie that will serve as both a 70s set prequel with a young John McClane and a modern day sequel with Bruce Willis returning to the signature role. Live Free or Die Hard’s director, Len Wiseman, is in talks to helm it. Now my pal Cos expressed his disgust for the new concept. I’m here to say that I’m a little more optimistic. While the last film was downright terrible and the studio has been notorious as of late for its handling of FANTASTIC FOUR, this bold concept is not exactly the worst idea in the world. Here’s why:


DIE HARD YEAR ONE – I discovered this series at my local comic shop about a year ago. It chronicles John McClane’s first year in the NYPD twelve years before the events of the original classic. I haven’t read the series in full; however, the concept of learning more about McClane’s past is an answer to something I’ve been begging for….


RETURNING CHARACTERS – I felt the recent Die Hard films were in need of familiar faces taking some part in the stories. By the last film, I was already missing Holly, Sgt. Al Powell, Zeus, Argyle, Dick Thornberg, etc. Here’s an opportunity to bring them back to the fold. Especially with the way the last film ended, it felt as if McClane was healing the rift with his broken family. First Lucy, then Jack, and now Holly could be brought back. Bonnie Bedelia needs work anyway!


TAKE THE PRESSURE OFF BRUCE WILLIS – As much as I admire the man for his best films and the TV classic Moonlighting, Bruno is all about dollars and cents these days. He put no care into his last outing as John McClane because there was no talented director or screenplay to drive him. As a major fan of the series, not only will Len Wiseman energize Bruno but he’ll also connect the dots to the other movies.


NEW FRANCHISE, NEW STAR – If the concept takes off and the right actor is cast, a new Die Hard prequel series with young McClane could be intriguing because we would see his whole life unfold up until the day he went on that plane to visit his family on Christmas 1988. I have no clue who should fill the role. I’m hoping it’s not Channing Tatum. Some suggested Joseph Gordon-Levitt due to his outstanding performance as a young Bruno in Looper. That’s just too repetitive for me.


A POTENTIALLY MEMORABLE VILLAIN – The last two Die Hard films were weak in the villains department. But it’s easy to argue that no one has ever topped Alan Rickman’s unforgettable performance as Hans Guber. It was effortless and Oscar-worthy for that time. I also have admiration for Jeremy Irons in Vengeance as well. Now this breaking news has indicated that the premise will involve a case that comes back to bite McClane in the ass. With a proper story and a strong villain to tie with it, this film could bring the entire series full circle and maybe we’ll understand why McClane is always the right guy at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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