Does The WWE Fear It’s Fan base?

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Does The WWE Fear It’s Fan base?And what does this mean for new talent?

By: Justice

A new report came out a few days ago about how the WWE is having trouble making new stars. The obvious reasoning of backstage disputes, changes in plans and difficulty to sway, essentially 2 separate audiences for one product were all mentioned. However, another thing that was mentioned was that the WWE doesn’t want to offend any wrestlers’ fan base.

This is absolutely troubling. Sure, its okay to be concerned that viewers may be turned if Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler essentially lose all of their matches. But this means that the WWE is more concerned about how the fans cheer and react to a wrestler, rather than elevate a new star over some of these guys in order to create a new star.

While I am not one of those “we need to go back to the Attitude Era” WWE fans, a certain amount of booking from that time would really help to both satisfy fans and enhance the product. First of all, the idea of unpredictability needs to return. I wish we got an angry Brock Lesnar come to the ring and just destroy the Lucha Dragons and Los Matadores in the middle of a match just because he’s pissed off. That was an attitude era staple and if done correctly and only once in a while, it is a great tool to show the anger and aggression of a certain wrestler.

Another aspect missing from Raw is the mid-card or upper mid-card wrestlers challenging the World Champion on Raw. Does anyone remember the last WWE title match on Raw? I believe it was Neville vs. Seth Rollins. That match was AMAZING. Why wouldn’t you continue to do that? It helps enhance talents like Ziggler, Cesaro, Neville and others and shows they can hang with the top WWE talents. A good showing against the WWE Champion isn’t a burial like fans like to think, its a step up to show that there are more talented wrestlers on the roster.

The WWE needs to change up their booking with some of their talents. Guys like the New Day have shown that if you let some wrestlers have creative freedom in their characters, great television can happen organically. If the WWE wants their raiting to increase, they need new feuds at the top to keep fans interested. By adding some new talents into the mix at the top, it creates fresh matches and feuds for fans to get excited about. Hopefully, we can see a change soon. If not, the WWE will be doomed to repeat their past mistakes and alienate more of their fans. And that’s not anything they can afford.

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