Daniel Bryan: “I am grateful”

Last night, Daniel Bryan officially announced his retirement from wrestling. It was a tearful goodbye as he stated he was “grateful” for all the opportunities that he had in the business that he’s loved for over 15 years.


Due to multiple concussions sustained over the course of his career in the ring, 3 of which were during the first 5 months of him wrestling, he has to now step down from wrestling. He is doing this more so for his own health and well being and to be able to be with his family and become a father in the future.

I don’t know if I will speak at length as to how I feel, I believe some of the other Blog crew would like to write some posts, but I am truly sad to see him go. He really gave me a reason to watch every episode, he made the show fun, he captured the fans with a huge resounding “YES!” that will be heard for years to come. I haven’t really been watching recently because there isn’t much on to watch and the hopes of Bryan returning was something I was looking forward to.

I hope he continues to be an on screen character, even if it is just once a year or on NXT or even a trainer.

Thank you, Bryan, for your many years of entertaining me. I, too, am grateful, that I was able to take the ride through watching you on TV and be entertained by your matches and storylines.

Thank you.

You can watch his segment from last night here:

Daniel Bryan retires

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