‘Tremors’ series coming to Amazon

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Funny, I was just talking about this a week ago, the discussion was about how good ‘Tremors’ was. I remembered that they had three direct to home video films (one being a prequel) and there was also a season of a Tremors series on Sci-Fi channel all of which starred Michael Gross as the gun totting character from the original move (I believe the series also had Christopher Llyod as well.


Looks like Kevin Bacon might be returning to the character and the franchise about 25 years later. This series would ignore any of the events that took place during those direct to video films and the original TV series.

And if Amazon is producing it I have a feeling it should be good. I say that, but I have to admit that I don’t have Amazon Prime, but if Amazon is trying to compete with Netflix and their array of fantastic television that they have amassed over the last few years then they have to up their game a bit and hopefully this show is pretty good.

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