CM Punk UFC 203 Octagon debut

Not much to say here, I was a huge fan of Punk’s during his WWE tenure; so much so that I owned two Punk shirts. Then he walked out of the WWE.

While I must say that I am curious about his MMA fighting ability I’m not going to lie and say that I’m not feeling burnt by a star who really doesn’t care about his fan base. 

Anyway, posting this to see what everyone’s predictions will be about Punk at this Saturday’s UFC 203 event where CM Punk will fight Mickey Gall. 

From what I’ve been reading Maxim posted an article today that Punk is going to be destroyed at UFC 203 and said that Punk looks drained from his weight cut at the UFC 203 weigh in. But what do you think will happen this Saturday? For this fight or any fight at the 203 event?

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