RAWbservations September 12, 2016

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RAWbservations: September 12, 2016

Source: I Still Watch Pro Wrestling

1. The opener was good. Nice to see the women get that spot. However, Charlotte is still awkward as Hell as on the mic. Every time I think she’s getting better, she falls flat on her ass the following week. The problem seems 2 fold:

a. She’s trying to remember her lines, but she can’t so she tries to just talk louder and faster than anybody else.

b. I think the live crowd terrifies her. She’s way better in pre-taped backstage stuff. There she can slow down and not have to worry about the crowd yelling “WHAT?” at her.

2. The triple threat match between Sasha, Bailey and Dana was really good. Dana held her own which was impressive. I just didnt see the point in having it. If Sasha was going to win anyway, why have the match? The match was already booked. It just seemed like a time filler in the end.

3. The highlight reel was one of the best I can remember in awhile. Jericho is owning this new heel persona. It’s amazing how many twists and variants Jericho has come up with through the years. Zayn was good too although I think he should have put more emphasis into that “bitch” line. Great segment though and excited to see them go at it on PPV.

4. I was pleasantly surprised to see WWE admit through the New Day that the “Old Day” segment from last week was horrendous because it was. It was one of those all time bad attempts at comedy. They also seemed to imply that the Club is done trying to be entertaining which let’s be honest, it’s about time. That’s not their thing. Let them beat people up and be fun ruining jerks.

5. The best of 7 series continued so yea…thats cool. Whatevs.

6.On the Jobber front, Bo Dallas continues his gritty reboot. It looks like it has potential (BOtential?), but they have to keep him this way and not be tempted to go back to a comedy character. I know he’s pale and a little chunky, but no one will care if you book him right. Nia killed Alicia Fox. Not literally, but she played dead after being speared through the barricade. I like what their doing w/Nia. In fact I’d like to see her slotted in as #1 contender if Sasha wins the belt back.

7. Speaking of jobbers, we had a JACK SWAGGER sighting this week. Holy shit. Then they showed him backstage and mentioned something about his contract w/RAW coming up. Hmmm. Could Swaggy J finally be on the way out? Stay tuned!

8. I get what WWE is trying to do with the Shining Stars. I mean there’s only 1 other heel tag team on the roster and you can’t have them fight for the titles forever without winning them so you have to establish another team. My problem with it is that their evil travel agents or slimy timeshare salesman. That should never, EVER be a gimmick for a wrestler.

9. Ok now for the best part – the main event. Right off the bat, the match itself was great. Maybe Roman’s best ever. Definitely top 5. I’m not going to go into the whole Roman thing right now. Maybe another time. Owens was his usual brilliant self. Seth getting involved and Mick restarting the match was perfectly done. It got the IWC thinking “oh no. Now Roman’s going to win” which is exactly what they wanted us to think until the beacon of light that is Rusev showed up. Seriously, as glad as I am Roman is out of the main event, I’m even happier because they didnt just drop this story so Roman could get another shot at being “the Guy”. Rusev costing Roman makes perfect sense and it sets up their rematch for the Clash. Also bravo WWE for giving us not only a match, but a great one. This is what we should be talking about the most every week.

Overall, I thought this was a really great show. Some of the match booking still makes me scratch my head, but overall very good matches and story telling. Clash of Champions looks likes it’s going to be a really strong card.

What did you guys think of RAW? Should I keep posting these? I can’t promise one every week, but I will when there is something to talk about. Im not just going to do it every week just because. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

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