‘Rogue One’ gets a new composer

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When I heard the score to last summer’s ‘Jurassic World’ I marveled at how someone could essentially take what had been developed by master film composer, John Williams, and not only pay homage to the score but also add so much to it. I know a lot of people didn’t like the score, but I loved it. I downloaded it and listened to it on repeat for the majority of the end of June and July of 2015. There is this little sweet melody that just hit the spot for me as we were waiting on Miles. What I am getting at is that three months from the release of Disney and Lucasfilm’s first non-Saga Star Wars film, they are getting a new composer in Michael Giacchino. Michael Giacchino has been composing music for quite some time and has had a huge relationship with J.J. Abrams from Lost to Mission: Impossible III to Super 8 and Star Trek.


Abrams chose to go with John Williams as the composer to Star Wars: The Force Awakens and even Giacchino agreed that a Saga Star Wars film without Williams would be odd. However, I felt that if there was a time where they needed someone to pick up the Williams reigns I felt that Giacchino would be a great fit.

Looking forward to hearing the score in December for Rogue One!

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