Jon Faveau to direct live action ‘Lion King’

Source: Collider

Word came out today that Disney and director Jon Favreau are teaming up together again on a  live action reselling of ‘Lion King’. I am actually quite excited about this.

In the last few years Disney has been making live action versions of their animated film, most to some great success (I haven’t seen all of them but I haven’t been that excited about any of the adaptations yet). This past spring Disney put out a live action version of their ‘Jungle Book’ which Favreau directed and not only was it a critical and audience favorite but it has made close to a billion dollars world wide.

I have yet to see ‘Jungle Book’ but from what I’ve heard and knowing that the only real thing is the boy Mowgli and everything else from backgrounds to animals were all computer effects. But from what I have seen and heard I think this is a great move for Favreau and Disney and look forward to hearing more!

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