Dexter 10 Fan Marathon

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Today, Showtime will be airing the top ten fan votes favorite episodes of there hit series ‘Dexter’.  It’s the 10 year anniversary of the series debut which is amazing that it’s been that long however this strikes me as an odd marathon. The series has been over for about 3 years and no pay cable channel has these marathons on to showcase these types of anniversaries.


I know from rumors that since the show ended Showtime has wanted to bring Dexter back in some fashion; either as a Miami Metro show with the cast from the police department or Dexter himself as there were many (me included) that didn’t like the last season (or rather the last 4 seasons).

They also  fought back actor Michael C. Hall. Which is great but this just lends to my theory


Theory: that if this marathon brings Showtime some good ratings they will consider bringing back Dexter for 1 more season. Why not, other shows have been brought back from the dead (X-Files, 24, Heroes, Prison Break…) let this series end on the proper foot. I’m all for that.

What do you think?

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