Best Friends For Life

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Believe my last post was in July when Peanut Chew passed away. Not going to lie how that was a huge blow for me. I loved (still love) that rabbit.

He meant so much to us and we do miss him a lot.

Fast forward to December 22, a small package arrived and Melissa said it was from her and Miles for Christmas.” She asked me if I wanted to open it.

Of course I did.

I tore into it and pulled out a shirt I had seen on Facebook.

On the shirt was a rabbit and person fist bumping. It says “Best Friends For Life”.

Shortly thereafter, Melissa left to run some errands. Miles was at my parents for a sleep over as we were going to meet up with some friends to see dinner and a movie.

I was left with the t-shirt. And I kept looking at it.

To me, it had so much meaning. Not only for Peanut, but, also, Melissa as well.

Like I said earlier, I really do miss Peanut. And I always considered him more than just a rabbit. We were buddies; well as close as a bunny and human can be. I mean, I called him my son for years!

But it meant so much to me that Melissa had gotten me this shirt. She had seen it on Facebook and decided to get it for me.

I actually started getting teary thinking about everything. Wish I was lying.

Like almost loosing it teary.

No worries, I gained my composure.

This wasn’t the first time she had purchased a rabbit shirt for me (Real Men Love Bunnies); but it was the sweetest of surprises.

Honestly, not sure what the purpose of this post was. I did have grand plans for an end of the year post of some kind. Guess I just wanted to share the shirt and that I’m hoping to post more in the new year….

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