Google Arts & Culture app: New Feature

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Source: Recode

Saw that the Google Arts & Culture app has a new feature.

This update allows you to take a selfie of yourself and according to a Recode article “The app uses computer-vision tech to examine what is similar about your face to the thousands of pieces of art that are shared with Google by museums and other institutions.”

So essentially when you take a selfie it searches for the closes piece of art.

According to the Recode article, this new feature has caused the app to be all the rage today.

Celebrities are trying this app and posting their results on Twitter.

So, naturally I downloaded the app. Miles was just waking up and decided to try it on him:

Then I tried it on myself:

OK, acceptable…

Tried it on Miles again:

This one made me laugh…

Tried it on myself again:

Strange that it is the same picture as the last one…

Decided to try a different approach.

This one took its time. Here is a screenshot from while the Google Arts & Culture app is computing what the art piece code be:

And finally:

Yup, the same picture. I give up…

Try it out, leave your Google Arts & Culture images below.


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