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The other weekend, Miles was watching YouTube Kids on my phone while we were waiting to go run some errands.

On the screen was (what has become typical of his tastes on YouTube) someone playing with play dough. This video in particular had someone molding and making food out of different color play dough.

The final shot was a giant cheese burger.

Miles yells out “WHOA! BIG!”

He stops and points at me, “Dad! Big!”

I respond, “I’m big? Are you big?”

He shakes his head, “No. Tiny!”

This little dialogue still blows my mind thinking about it today.

We would spend the next week talking about it to whoever listens. The fact that he was able to put together that he is in fact small and we are big is amazing to me.

Anyway, fast forward to this past Sunday (1/14).

I went out and got some bagels for breakfast. The place I went to has a card limit of $10 bucks, so I look around and grab a small bottle of Tropicana Orange Juice.

That little bottle of orange juice satisfied the $10 limit.

A few hours later, we are gettting ready for dinner and Miles asks for “juicy” (we give him a little bit of orange juice watered down with a lot of water).

I open the fridge and he’s watching me as I prepare his drink. We have some newly purchased, regular sized, orange juice bottles. I am about to pour the water into a cup for him when suddenly I hear:

“Whoa! Tiny juicy!”

Miles points to the small Tropicana bottle on a lower shelf.

I bring out two of the regular size bottles along with the smaller one. I place them on the table and name the two big bottles Mom Juice and Dad Juice.

“Who is this juice?” I ask, pointing to the small bottle.

He excitedly points to himself “Me!”

That little boy warms my heart.

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