Chloe and Google Photos

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I love the Google app Google Photos. If we have spoken at all in the last few years I’ve probably recommended it to you. Probably even downloaded it to your phone for you.

One cool feature that Google Photos does is create collages, stylized photos, montages videos, albums or animations. A lot of times it is really sweet what is produced.
Recently they did a “they grow up so fast video” of Miles with pictures and videos from the last 2 plus years.

Over the last year or so I’ve noticed is that Google Photos is obsessed with Chloe. Not sure why. The majority (like 90%) of my stylized Photos are usually of Chloe or she is in the photo.

Not sure why this is but I appreciate that Google does this.
Below are some that I found real quick to give you an idea. The furtherest back I found was August of 2015.

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