WrestleMania 35 results

WWE’s biggest PPV event of the year occurred last night!

I watched the majority of the PPV at my friend Adam’s (Ato on the Blog) place. Left shortly after 10. Last match I saw was the Reigns/McIntyre match.

Honestly, the one match I did want to see (and did) was the Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston match for the WWE Championship. This match did not disappoint. Left me so happy.

I, honestly, don’t think I’ve been that happy about the outcome of a match since Wrestling XXX. The match I’m talking about being Batista vs Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton.

The Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar was a dud in my opinion. Happy it opened the show and happy that the Universal Championship is off of Lesnar. Hopefully, we see it every week now.

I didn’t see the main event women’s triple threat (winner take all match). I’m sorry that I didn’t, but, I have kids and work.

So very happy that Becky Lynch won both Women’s Championships and the main event.

I hope these wins last a long time with great reigns for all of them.

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