The Silver Screen Action Figure Podcast – Disney

The 9th episode of the Silver Screen Action Figure Podcast celebrates the Magical World of DISNEY and the licensed toys that it inspired! In this in-depth discussion with Andre´ “Mother Brain” Joseph and Albert “Justice” Albanese, we look into a wide variety of Disney action figures, dolls, and even Happy Meal toys from McDonald’s based on such classics as ALADDIN, THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, TOY STORY, as well as such live-action classics as DICK TRACY and THE ROCKETEER.

02:13 – Our earliest Disney memories
06:38 – Who Framed Roger Rabbit
15:48 – Oliver & Company
20:00 – The Rescuers Down Under
22:58 – The Little Mermaid and Beauty & The Beast
25:55 – Dick Tracy
36:15 – The Rocketeer
38:55 – Aladdin
43:35 – Disney Parks Exclusives
50:21 – The Nightmare Before Christmas
53:00 – The Lion King, Toy Story, and miscellaneous Disney movies
58:55 – The Disney toys we wish we had as kids
01:09:05 – Wrap Up

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Intro music by Matthew Hackett

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