The Silver Screen Action Figure Podcast – Star Wars Part 2

Part 2 of our epic STAR WARS episode dives into the Disney era of the ongoing saga from THE FORCE AWAKENS to THE RISE OF SKYWALKER and everything in between. We give our thoughts on the toys, the state of the franchise, the Baby Yoda phenomenon, and what we hope for in the future. All without killing each other with lightsabers! If you missed our previous interview episode with THAT JUNKMAN where we discussed more of the history of the Star Wars toys, check that out right now on our YouTube channel! Follow us on Twitter @silverscreenaf1 and “Like” us on Facebook! Listen to Albert on the Dave Knows Wrestling podcast live stream every Monday on YouTube and follow at The Slam Sessions Podcast Network on Facebook. Follow him on Twitter @kydflash85 See more info about Andre´ Joseph’s films at and follow on Twitter and Instagram @ajepyx. Comment and make suggestions for future episodes here or to Follow Jesse and check out his latest videos at CHEAP POP Culture with shaoliNSANE on Facebook. “Theme from Star Wars” by John Williams.

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