Retro Review: ‘The Incredibles’

Spoilers ahead!

‘The Incredibles’ 

Released in 2004 and seeing that I just watched it I’ll give it a review. 

Saw this in the theater back in 2004. Couldn’t remember when exactly and looked it up. November 5th. I was still at Fairleigh Dickinson University getting my masters.

Off the top of my head:

  • Here’s a shocker, while a good movie I thought it was just ok in 2004
    • Didn’t understand why it wasn’t a live action
    • Never understood the love for this movie 
    • I loved it more today – probably seeing it through Miles’ eyes helped
    • Or I just needed to give this movie a shot
  • Great story of a struggling family coming together
  • Each member of the Parr family has an integral part to the story
  • Syndrome is a great villain with a lot of motive
  •  This entire story works
  • I must have been blind back in 2004

3.5 out of 4

Have you seen it? What did you think? 

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