A Star Wars stories Ranked

Ok, so I got bored. It didn’t feel right not ranking the other Star Wars movies.

And, honestly, this is simple:

  1. Rogue One (2016):

After the amazing release of ‘Force Awakens’, with all the hopes and dreams that were promised with the first installment of the sequel trilogy for Star Wars.

Then Disney announced this little enigma of a movie. It would not be apart of the saga films but a stand alone movie. Originally called an anthology movie; renamed into A Star Wars story, this movie and any movie set in the Star Wars universe will now be a stand alone movie.

Lucasfilm played it safe and developed this amazing film around the completion of the Death Star prior to the events of Episode IV – A New Hope.

If I were to rank this movie with the rest of the saga films it would be neck and neck with Force Awakens. It would be like Empire and Jedi for me bouncing between third and fourth place.

2. Solo (2018)

Solo had the unfortunate position of being release mere months after the heavily decisive Last Jedi. This film also had a lot going against it.

No one was asking for it and it really ended up being an unnecessary film. With an entire universe to play with Lucasfilm chose to go back to the well on an already established character instead of creating a new character (something they would get right with The Mandalorian – which I am not ranking with the movies). This is a beloved character that they recast and not everyone was buying it.

Along with the fact that this film had a lot of behind the scenes issues and should have been held until December like all of the rest of the Disney owned Star Wars movies.

Is this movie fun? Yes. It’s not terrible, it’s just not good.

Ranking this movie with the rest of the Saga movies, I would put this one above Last Jedi.

What do you think? Do you agree?

Let me know below!

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