YouTube Recommendation: All Time Scary

Ok, since I’m looking at writing some quick posts for content on the blog, I’m looking at posting recommended channels that I watch.

So let’s start with a question, have you heard of The Mandela Effect? 

Wikipedia explains the Mandela Effect as:

a widely recognized phenomena which states that our universe is slipping between several separate parallel universes creating a sense of false memories.

Shockingly, I can’t find where this quote or the one came from below…originally they were on the Wikipedia page

To understand why this is called the Mandela Effect, the Wikipedia article states: 

This phenomena received its name from the misconception that Nelson Mandela had died in jail rather than being released and becoming the president of South Africa for five consecutive years. A large portion of the world distinctly remembers his death. Other such examples include memories of the Berenstain Bears’ name being spelled Berenstein,[46][47] and of the existence of a 1990s movie entitled Shazaam starring comedian Sinbad as a genie.[48]

Some of the above still does exist on the Wikipedia page. Source: Wikipedia

Now, if you’d like some quick and entertaining videos online to learn more about the Mandela Effect than look no further than All Time Scary.

This channel exclusively covers Mandela Effects that have been found.

I watch the videos on this channel whenever they come out.

I’m honestly into some weird stuff. I love a lot of things supernatural, conspiracy theory related, (obviously) movie related.

If you’d like to watch more, check out some videos from: All Time Scary

Here is one of the episodes!

Let me know what you think! Do you believe in The Mandela Effect? Let us know below!

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